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The Art of Georgy Kurasov

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Georgy Kurasov was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in 1958. At the age of twelve he entered the prestigious Saint Petersburg School of Art for Gifted Children, affiliated with the Russian Academy of Fine Arts. At school, students learned all aspects of academic drawing, including human anatomy, while simultaneously completing middle and high school programs. Here the foundation was formed for Georgy's fantastic understanding of human anatomy that characterizes his work today.

Georgy graduated from the School of Art in 1976 with the highest grade in his class. Within a month he was admitted to the renowned Saint Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts to study sculpture. During his time at the Academy, Georgy also excelled in painting and obtained several important commissions, including a series of award-winning monuments located along the Helsinki - Saint Petersburg highway, a monument to a Russian artist killed during the Second War. World Cup and a commemorative statue of the famous Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko , inaugurated in 1981 in the central square of the Ukrainian city of Konotop. That same year he married Zinaida (Zina), a Russian ice dancer, who became the model for many of his works. In 1982, he graduated from Fine Arts in Sculpture and Painting and was invited to join the exclusive Russian Union of Artists.

In 1991, the USSR collapsed, (the Socialist Republics were divided) and the present Russian Federation was formed. He abandoned sculpture because it was the governments who commissioned him and he dedicated himself to drawing and coloring with pastels small squares that he managed to sell to galleries, which in turn were sold mainly to tourists. In 1993 his paintings were exhibited for the first time in the United States . Since then in that country he has achieved his greatest successes as a painter, in sales and exhibitions. Kurasov has totally abandoned sculpture and dedicates himself exclusively to painting. His work is sold in the United States, but in Russia his name is not recognized, he is only remembered as a sculptor, and many think that he has emigrated, but he still lives in his hometown, Saint Petersburg.

Work of Georgy Kurasov

The focus on the human figure, and a new interpretation of cubism.

Kurasov is a contemporary artist. Within the very varied current artistic forms such as photomontage, artistic installations, video-art, or sculptures of various materials and forms, he is still a painter, in the traditional way, painting on canvas.

His work demonstrates his deep knowledge of the technique and history of the art of painting, and in turn his work is original.

His individuality is appreciated in his designs, compositions and the particular use of color, where he achieves his own style. In his paintings there is evocation of Byzantine mosaics, of the Renaissance, and even of Gustav Klimt and Tamara De Lempicka .

Triangular shapes, different directions of light, bright colors in intensity variations and geometric structure of the compositions relate his work with constructivism  and  cubism . The accessories and details do not appear forced, they are contributions to the rhythm of the work and achieve a harmonious effect. His characters, although highly stylized, are compelling, they convey energy, security and possess a certain naturalness, fitting gracefully and easily into a complex geometric structure.

The human figure is the focus of his artistic interest. His way of drawing and achieving poses and expressions is absolutely particular, the geometrization of the forms does not diminish his elegance or his sensual appeal.

 Another important aspect in his work is the attention to detail, inherited from the ancient tradition of Renaissance painting. With the care and attention of a jeweler, Kurasov works on each fragment of the painting to achieve the greatest possible effect. The elements are enriched with gradations of color, lighting, hues and textures.

His work has been perfected and refined over the years, and it is evident that the environments and customs of modern life and design are reflected in it. The luminosity, the planes, the bright colors, the translucent surfaces, the elegance that is represented in general produces an enormous visual appeal.

This artificial world was born a product of his imagination, and his brilliant technique has allowed his imagination to be a visible and enjoyable result for the public, through his works.

Seeing Georgy Kurasov's paintings is definitely an invitation to create, in his drawing he creates games with the lines approaching some form of cubism, his color is lively, impressed and imposing, as well as his physiognomic proposals .

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