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Digital Illustration Art

Digital Illustration is illustration work done with computer technologies. As the traditional Illustration, it must maintain a function: describe a space or a character, tell a story, sell a product, explain something etc... to obtain a response from the audience.

As the first computers were created, new supports and tools were made available to Visual Arts professionals who, through the use of digital tools (scanner, computer, digital tablet, painting software, etc.) create their work on the screen of the computer and save it to a digital storage device. The computer is not a tool that solves the technical and conceptual problems of illustration without the help of the artist or human process.

We are the creative mind from which the idea, the image, the concept are born. In return, the computer has in its favor the infinity of possibilities that allow us to work quickly, cleanly and saving laborious steps that, many times, are of no use. We can copy the image, change its color, its light, its texture etc... If we have been prudent to save the original, any subsequent alteration will not destroy it. This is very interesting, as it allows you to experiment and improvise without fear.

Digital Illustration is often combined with Traditional Illustration, to reach very personal results and unique styles that are marked by the artist's talent. Knowledge in traditional techniques is very valuable on planning subsequent digital work and is often used in the first steps of the creative process of the work, in which we make the initial sketches with pencil and paper.

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