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Brushdecor Customize Your Space with Art

Whether it’s an office, entertainment, or living space, art makes a difference. It can define an area by setting a tone. It can complement other decorations in the space or dominate it. When it comes to art, it is your decision on what you like and how you display it.

Art is a great way to customize a space. There’s no shortage of famous paintings by artists. A Monet almost always appeals to romantics and those that love a softer side to life. You can get lost looking at Dali’s work and Max Frintrop paintings bring a vivid splash of color to your space.

Famous paintings both old and new will show off your unique tastes and styles. However, you can also have art created specifically for you. Whether it’s an outdoor mural that highlights your business or a dramatic watercolor painting in a living room. Anything you imagine can be created into artwork.

Modern, Minimalist Interior Space
Modern Hospitality Design

Using Art to Customize Your Space

Your options are unlimited when you’re using art to customize a space. It can draw potential clients into a business. A custom oil painting can showcase your love of sports. You can also use digital media to create customized art.

Set the Tone for Your Business

Brighten up a drab lobby with a stunning mural. Choose bright colors and an abstract design. If you want to guide customers to your front door, have a design painted on the walls that follow the path to your shop. You can even use the company logo for art. It’s a great way to ensure customers recognize your brand.

Modern Abstract Collage on Wall
Abstract Collage

Create an Art Gallery in Your Space

It’s hard choosing one piece of art. There are so many great artists and pieces to choose from. You also have several ideas on custom pieces. You don’t have to limit yourself to displaying just one painting. Why not turn your commercial space into a small art gallery? You can have the art you love and replace it with new pieces when a painting sells. It’s an innovative way to keep your space constantly fresh.

Consider a Projector Art

Your laser projector can do more than play movies. You can also use it to project art onto a screen or blank wall. You can stream content from apps to the projector, picking and choosing the art you like. It’s an easy and affordable way to keep the art changing. Your projector is also a good way to put on art shows for family and friends.

Art projector
Art Projector

Let Brushdecor Create Your Custom Art

Since 2010, Brushdecor has been creating unique art for professional and residential spaces in Washington DC and New York. The innovative and talented artists work with a variety of mediums that include everything from oil to digital media.

Whether you want to add personality to a bland space or showcase your passion for something, the best way is to use custom art pieces.

Abstract painting on a modern interior wall
Abstract Painting in a Modern Interior Space


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