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First robot arm to make art.

The Dark Factory Portraits series was created by the first robot arm to make art. Today there are many technological possibilities to create art; there we have the paintings created from algorithms, or based on HTML and CSS code, and now the first robot arm capable of creating art. It is the brainchild of artists Rob and Nick Carter, who collaborated with a team of software developers and visual effects specialists to create this mechanical limb. The creative team seeks to explore the possibilities of artificial intelligence versus creation.

In this sense, the exhibition that is presented at the Ben Brown Fine Arts gallery from February 12 to April 17 seeks to answer a series of questions… Could a machine become a painter? Could it convey human personality? Can a robot make robotic but "human" portraits? Consequently, the artists and engineers turned their attention to the execution of the machine. Or, to what extent fast algorithms and robotic parts could progress towards a new creative standard in other words Could this experiment be one of the possible scenarios of art in the future?

Dark Factory Portraits is a reference to factories operating in the dark, as robotic systems do not need to see what they are doing. Of course, this is a criticism of the substitution of human labor for machine labor. Additionally, the artist duo worked with the programmers to overlay the code. Consequently, the robot can paint without breaking the canvas and with a very high level of detail. Machine-painted portraits include those of Frida Kahlo, Andy Warhol, Yoko Ono, and Damien Hirst.

Finally, among the activities of the Dark Factory Portraits exhibition is the live exhibition of the famous robotic arm that will be painting portraits until April 17, the day the expo ends.

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