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Marco Burresi Urban Artist

Article by Matt Randal (Widewalls), Repost by Brushdecor murals.

Zed1 - Surreal and Detailed

Zed1 (Marco Burresi) has been active on the Urban Art scene for more than two decades. Widely recognized for his surreal murals of awkwardly looking plump-face figures and mesmerizing bizarre imagery, Zed1 creates artwork which very often conveys humorous and dark messages of social and political commentary. Zed1’s beautifully executed and highly detailed spray-painted murals, which show his unique and provocative interpretation of shapes, appear as if they come from a fairy tale populated by imaginary characters, elves, clowns and puppets. Apart from being strong evidence of his wondrous drawing skills, Buressi’s captivating art, found on walls and canvases all around the world, show artist’s masterful choice of colors.

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