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Hand-paint murals in rooms for park hotel tokyo

Japanese artists hand-paint murals in rooms for park hotel tokyo

all images courtesy of Park Hotel tokyo.

The Park Hotel tokyo offers guest stay in a completely one-of-kind suite, transformed from a standard room into a hand-painted art experience. The hotel has invited renowned japanese artists working in a diverse range of disciplines to paint on the walls and ceilings of the bed and bathrooms, adorning the spaces with their original works.

So far, eight rooms have been completed in varying styles and themes. the most recent by artist nanami ishihara is vibrantly colored, and draws upon lively cultural festivals she has visited; the first room by hiroyuki kimura took on a more traditional tone, and features motifs of sumo wrestlers in their historic poses and postures. park hotel tokyo plans to add nine artist spaces per year over the next three years to create an entire artist floor (totaling 31 rooms) as part of its artist in hotel project.

Article: Nina Azzarello I designboom

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