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"Golden Age" Vintage baseball murals on Canvas by Brushdecor

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Project in progress by Brushdecor: Vintage baseball "Golden Age" Murals

Technique: Acrylic on canvas.

Original size paintings: 48 x 36"

Artist: Jose Roldan Rendon from Brushdecor

The Golden Age of Baseball, or Baseball's Golden Era, is the period from about 1920 to 1960.[1] The golden era is the time period immediately following the dead-ball era (before World War I) but prior to what is now called the modern era. There is no exact timeframe in any of these eras.[2] MLB considers the post World War II era to be the beginning of the modern age, which places the golden era between the end of World War I and the end of World War II.

Baseball's golden age was captured in black and white film, adding to the mystique and folklore of the game. The first baseball game broadcast in color was in August 11, 1951, and by the mid-1960s all baseball games were broadcast in color, which could be viewed as the end of the golden age.

Wikipedia source

Original paintings are for sale, and commissions are very welcomed. For information, please contact us.

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